..the new dashboard..

.,As I open my account here in Tumblr I noticed that some changes was happened..

And that changes are all about THE NEW DASHBOARD. Well, the old was good but for me the new one is better. It is well organized than before. Look at the snapshots below.

This is the actual look of the new dashboard. Before we used to see on the right side the number of people who are following us, the title of our blog. the messages, the drafts and queue. But now we only see the number of people we were following, number of post we like, the explore tumblr and the search tab.

If you click the title of your blog which is now found on the upper right side of the dashboard you will able to see the things that was lost in the old dashboard; the number of posts, followers, messages, drafts, queue and the mass editor. Also a new search tab was born to look for your posts. 

Lastly, at the upper right side of the new dashboard we will see new buttons that the old one haven’t. Clicking the plus sign is to create a new blog, question mark is where the help center is, the next button ( don’t know what is it but looks like a gear ) is where you can customize your preferences and the last button which we commonly see in our laptops or PC is the log out button. 

The new dashboard is perfect for me and hopefully for you too. :D